Vegetables and the Central Nervous System

Vegetables Help the Central Nervous System Function Properly

A healthy nervous system begins with enough nutrients in the body. Unfortunately, nutrients in the body can be seriously affected, even impaired by alcohol, medication, food processing and pesticide chemicals. A diet composed of fresh vegetables and fruits and little to no processed food is essential to central nervous system health. Canada Naturals Veggie Chews is rich in 25 vegetables and fruits to help your body get all of the vitamins and nutrients it needs to keep the central nervous system in top condition.

The central nervous system is an internal communication system, relaying signals with short electrical impulses. The central nervous system is essentially the brain and spinal cord. The peripheral nervous system extends to all other parts of the body. Health problems related to the nervous system include stress, insomnia, depression, nervous disorders, headaches and multiple sclerosis. Nutrients important to the nervous system are the pectin found in apples, the vitamin E found in dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and the essential fatty acids found in omega-3 fish oil. The pectin found in apples helps rid the body of heavy metals that may be interfering with your nervous system. Omega-3 fish oil provides nutrients and healthy fats necessary to the myelin sheaths that cover our neurons, allowing impulses to travel along them quickly and efficiently, while also controlling hyperactivity in children.

Good for most bodily functions and especially for nerve health are sea vegetables (algae etc). Their high mineral content - up to 20 times that of most land vegetables - makes them natural stabilizers of nervous system functions. They also contain substantial amounts of all the vitamins, including B12 and essential fatty acids. Sea vegetables are probably the oldest source of nutrient-rich foods on earth. Canada Naturals Veggie Chews contains 125mg of Spirulina Pacifica per capsule to support immune function, healthy cholesterol levels, increased energy, eye health and cellar health. Also, Canada Natural Veggie Chews have 25mg of chlorella which has been found to have cancer prevention properties.

Your nervous system is a part of every other system in your body and guides every action, whether voluntary like walking or involuntary like breathing. In many studies the central nervous system has been proven to benefit the consumption of more vegetables and fruits. Reported studies were designed to examine relationships between whole-brain histamine receptors and food intake. In all experiments, dietary manipulation effected central histamine receptors (Source) Make sure you eat your daily intake of fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy central nervous system by taking Canada Naturals Veggie Chews.