Blueberries and your Gall Bladder

How Eating Blueberries can Prevent Gallstones

Gallstones are a condition that affect many people and sometimes can even lead to death. They are formed when proper nutrition is ignored and the diet is composed mainly of fats, protein and refined carbohydrates like sweets. Having little to no fruits, especially berries in the diet make it more difficult for the body to ward of diseases and infections like gall stones. Other related factors include poor diet, stress and genetics. Gallstones are created when there is an already existing infection which leads to pain in the abdomen, constipation, gas and indigestion (Source) Choosing fresh blueberries is always a good option, however choosing a health and nutritional supplement is also very beneficial. A supplement like Canada Naturals Fruit Chews ensures that your body will protect itself against diseases like gall stones.

Blueberries have two times more antioxidant power than spinach and three times more than oranges. They are ranked the highest in antioxidant power. The anthocyanins in blueberries are what gives them their blue color. These antioxidants help decrease the chances of the body not being able to fight off diseases like gall stones. If there is already a gall bladder or kidney issues present, then eating blueberries separate from milk is crucial. Eating the two together would cause gall or kidney stones becasue blueberries bind themselves to calcium (Source).

Blueberries are an easy fruit to eat. Adding them to cereals, salads, yogurt or cooking and baking with them are just a few ways that they can be brought into the diet. To help reduce the risk of gall and kidney stones, take Canada Naturals Fruit Chews. The nutrients and high antioxidant level in Fruit Chews may reduce the risk of getting gall or kidney stones. Canada Naturals Fruit Chews have a 36:1 extract ratio; for every 36 grams of fresh blueberries, there is 1mg of pure blueberry extract. Canada Naturals Fruit Chews are more potent than fresh blueberries and therefore can help even reduce your risk for gall or kidney stones more so than consuming fresh blueberries alone.